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Our latest Power Tool to aid mobile users on the go, empower your point of sale kiosk advertising and aid your valued customers with error free links to your current promotions online.

QR Code scanning is becoming the defacto standard for smart phone web browsing. With just a camera snapshot via free aps for both the android and iPhone market you can empower your customers to jump directly to a web page offer 

BUT we can do much more:

  • With our new shortened website name you can link promotions through our very brief link scheme
  • Shorter also equals more capable
    • you can encode with a smaller sized graphic
    • you can advertise from a farther distance
    • you can more successfully scan T-Shirts, tent banners and caps
    • you can use higher error correction QR code schemes and then corrupt them with graphics while still presenting a successful scan yet convey information for the human eyeball alike
    • our short and ez website name plus your offer code can manually get anyone back on track here.
  • Our custom features here additionally empower you to gain insight into the success and failures of various promotional venues
  • We can either simply sell you a package to seamlessly link through our solution directly to your intended webpage on your company or franchise controlled site
  • Or design a complete web based promotion right here on our site
  • Plus empower you with secure tools that let you easily change your offer and prices whenever you need

Allen Family electronic Publishing is all about putting the e into your eBiz needs and in this ever changing technological world wimq.us is just one more tool of the Western Illinois Online Shopping Mall solution based hosting platform that ties that all together, no mater where your virtual brick and mortar may exist.


Quick Links tools available as an added feature to AFePub.com ePublishing toolset of locally supported solutions for eBiz

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