PBF Mobile Link

The graphical QR Code on the right provides a mobile capable link back to MyPBF.com to use on any of your Warren County Prime Beef Festival printed flyers acknowledging your support.

This is exactly the same (technically a domain alias) as www.PrimeBeefFestival.com EXCEPT is typographically a lot shorter data to encode, mobile phone friendlier, and enables us to slightly destroy a small QR code yet still not disable it's ability to be read by a QR code enabled mobile device.

MyPBF.com is an extension of our solution here to do the same referral and QR enabled services for otherwise merchants with some-really-long-website-dot/complicated-page" uri calls.

Here is a larger version of this image (1200x1200 px) for crisper printing. The one on the right is suitable for web page uses otherwise. As illogical as that sounds, people do sometimes print and share pages!

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